Royal Thai Restaurant Orlando - Rude angry racist employees females at royal thai, abusive to MINORITY and BLACK customers for no reason, sick people


I was a good customer at royal thai for a few years. During those times, I know that I encountered A LOT of mistreatment and rudeness by the really nasty mean women that work at royal thai. thai people in Orlando many seem to have this gripe and are so angry at americans here im not even sure why these monsters move here, open up restaurants and abuse customers. another thing ive noticed is that these women are very RACIST towards minorities. they will kiss a** of white people and if you are WHITE they will treat you with respect but if you are a minority they will abuse you and make fun of you. My experiences at royal thai have been nothing short of horrendous.

I stopped going there for a while but recently began going again. EVERYTIME I went there to pick up my food, the racist mean evil women that work there and a few males, gave me NASTY DIRTY attitudes, intimidating THREATENING looks, got angry at me, yelled at me, treated me like a criminal coming in to get food and some even laughed and made fun of me. For being a good polite pleasant customer at ROYAL THAI I got treated like a criminal. I am a petite and nice female and these sick disturbed racist women had NO RIGHT treating me this way. EVERYTIME I went in there it was a bad experience- I just went in to pick up my food and got hostile aggressive and ABUSIVE treatment EVERY single time. however, any white person next to me got the ROYAL treatment no joke--nice attitudes, good customer service. I got rudeness nasty attitudes, the royal thai ugly angry women getting mad at me if I asked for silverware or anything else, talked down to insulted put down. these are very MEAN terrible people that work there and this restaurant should get shut down because not only does is their food HORRIBLE for thai food, but their service is 100 times WORSE than their awful crappy food which is REALLY bad. these racist thai wh*res yes they are wh*res, are also very RACIST towards black people as well as my friend who is African American has had the SAME ISSUES with these racist degenerates that work there.

I have been mocked, insulted, put down, lectured, harassed laughed at, talked down to, and even once these monster women called me accusing me of placing an order and not picking it up..and it wasn't me but they kept calling my number randomly asking me if I placed an order.. I said no? these racist psycho women will even call and HARASS innocent minority customers for NO reason at all?? these women have NO SHAME and NO DECENCY.

they had the same BAD attitude with a black friend of mine who has had the same complaints and he is a male. these arrogant disgusting wenches that work at royal thai need a good slap in the face for thinking they can abuse minority customers for fun and insult and mistreat them. this is the 21st century you pigs...stop being the racist hoes you are. these pigs come from Thailand to America, and they feel that they are ABOVE colored people and only kiss up to white people. The last experience I had at royal thai, I asked the nasty rude female if I culd have a spoon and guess what, she touched the head of the spoon with her dirty hands. I kindly asked her if she could give me a spoon and not touch the head with her hands (nicely) and this crazy b*tch got nuts...she got SO OFFENDED and began thrashing and bashing me insulting me telling me this was the ONLY WAY she could hand me the spoon..(huh)??? can't grab the spoon by the handle...really psycho? she got ANGRY OFFENDED began LECTURING ME angrily in front of other customers..and really just went nuts over me requesting something she shouldn't even be doing in the first place. While she kissed up to the WHITE PEOPLE standing right next to me. in fact, if that was ME..i would apologize to the customer for being so atrocious in the first place. I called back to finally tell these racist wh*res that they had NO RIGHT treating me this way...and what their problem was. the crazy woman lied to me and said the owner wasn't there and she didn't know when he'd be in. she could care degenerate thai b*tches need to stay in your own country where maybe racism is the THING to do, but coming to America and promoting this kind of RACISM in your own restaurant...makes you filthy disgusting *** and trash. the psycho racist employees at royal thai are PSYCHO...they are HORRIBLE mean deranged and disturbed people. Please beware of this racist restaurant and do NOT give it any business because these racists enjoy abusing and mistreating and DISCRIMINATING against minorities, while they give WHITE people the royal treatment. this abusive treatment has been happening to me for YEARS and I TOOK IT until I FINALLY said..NO MORE...their food isn't even GOOD enough to have to endure this horrendous abuse. royal thai is the most RACIST thai restaurant to exist period...

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I call BULLSH!T on this posting. No one would continue to frequent a business if they were being treated as you claim. You are full of ***, you have so much *** coming out of your mouth, you have made your *** jealous!!!!


this is royal thai located in Orlando, fl on semoran blvd near e colonial was reviewed at the 'best thai restaurant in orlando' but anyone who has eaten there knows it's the WORST thai restaurant.

their food is disgusting bland and really caters to no offense white people's palate who aren't into spiciness and into blandish thai food. their food is disgusting really, and their service is so much worse.

the racist royal thai sucks, their racist mean abusive employees are degenerates, pigs and promote racism in their restaurant by tormenting and mistreating minority customers.beware of this horrible sick awful place.

Royal Thai Restaurant Orlando - Rude abusive bullying female employees who abuse customers


beware of royal thai...the women especially at this place are very abusive and mean to minority female's a really terrible place.

Ive been bullied here on many occasions and so has my friend who too is a female and a minority. The thai women that work here-- men too are just really mean people who feel they can mistreat customers for fun. They have been negative bullies to me on many occasions even once they called me and accused me of calling in and placing an order and not picking it up huh? They have no conscience and have no problem just abusing people for no reason, being intimidating and threatening, really rude.

They do this to good customers and kind nice people who are only nice to them, and these horrible women will laugh at people, yell at them and just be mean/rude negative to them. My friend was talked down to and mistreated by these rude pathetic women and even yelled at on one occasion for no reason at all. These arrogant thai women are disturbed and messed up people who need serious help and to change their terrible attitudes towards people giving them business and this is how these slimy people treat customers- with contempt and mistreatment.

These rude horrible arrogant women do NOT do this to white people--they will kiss white people's a** and are very nice to them. Thai people mostly in Orlando from what ive experienced who own restaurants can be very rude and racist towards minorities and very niec to white people, but the jerks at royal thai are the WORST.

the only nice person at this place is the owner but he is rarely there. the women there are arrogant mean and cruel. They will even laugh at and mock customers for no reason. Instead of being niec to people giving them business, these sick women treat customers with contempt, rudeness and are just mean for no reason.

They have no problem bullying people. Ive never encountered SUCH bad treatment, non-stop. Instead of rewarding good decent customers these terrible people and women just bully and mistreat them. This is a disturbing place and the employees are really bad and pathetic people.

THey do this to innocent customers who are giving THEM business and to polite nice people who are only nice to them.these terrible people are so mean to them and bully and mock them...

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